Organizations are quickly realizing that capturing relevant HR data can be extremely valuable, but what makes it priceless is the ability to join the various sources of this data and interpret it effectively and drive business results. 3DR Cube is a reporting, people analytics, and data visualization platform that takes data from any source and transforms it – turning raw data into smart data. It provides real time access to the insights leaders need to answer the strategic questions the business is asking of human resources.

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

DSaaS is a combination of expertise and services that optimizes an organization’s use of any analytics solution, including 3DR Cube.

The combination of the right tools at the right time, with innovative thinking and ongoing service ensures stakeholders get the right answers to their pressing business questions.

3D Results’ DSaaS offering includes:

  • Initial strategic consulting and implementation of 3DR Cube
  • Deep HR domain and data science expertise provided by our teams
  • Recurring workshops to improve the effectiveness of 3DR Cube within the client’s business context
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Operational Reporting and People Analytics

While decision makers demand complete information about the business, the process of consolidating and connecting HR data into a unified reporting and people analytics solution is often expensive and complicated.

Most Human Capital (people) Management environments are a tangled web of multiple systems where disconnected data silos prevent seeing the big picture.

Synchronizing HR and related systems at the speed of business requires an agile and multi-faceted strategic approach.

The volume of people data and its complexity increase as applications and business demands continue to grow.

The need is clear for an economical and rapidly deployable solution that is easy to use, yet robust enough to drive business results.

3DR Cube Integrations

3DR Cube is designed to integrate with any HCM solution, in particular the best-of-breed platforms provided by our partners SAP SuccessFactors and IBM Kenexa.

The platform integrates easily with any or all of the modules in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. 3DR Cube is also designed to provide a rich collection of pre-built reports and dashboards for the entire IBM Kenexa suite including the widely used BrassRing platform. In addition, 3DR Cube integrates with IBM Talent Insights (powered by Watson) for a predictive analytics capability unmatched in the industry.

No matter what combination of hybrid HCM systems you have in your organization, 3DR Cube can unify the data from those systems into one reporting and analytics solution.

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