3D Results is exceptionally proud of the well-respected client base we have partnered with over our SuccessFactors’ implementation history. We believe our singular focus on SuccessFactors, depth of expertise, high quality solutions, and client-oriented teams have been the decisive factors in allowing us to serve::

  • 5 of Fortune’s Top 25
  • 29 of the Fortune 500
  • 48 of the Fortune 1000
  • 10 additional firms within the Global 2000 not already identified
  • 12 of Fortune’s Top Private US Companies
  • 70 total companies within the Fortune 1000, Global 2000 and Fortune Top Private US Companies

What’s Possible?

3D Results has worked in a wide variety of industries, organization sizes, and project scopes.  Browse through the short list below to get a glimpse of the types of engagements we work on and what’s possible with your implementation.

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[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2284″ img_width=”48″ title=”Career Development & Planning” pos=”top”] [/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2295″ img_width=”48″ title=”Onboarding” pos=”top”] [/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2299″ img_width=”48″ title=”Training” pos=”top”] [/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2170″ img_width=”48″ title=”Talent Strategy” pos=”top”] [/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2298″ img_width=”48″ title=”Succession Planning” pos=”top”] [/bsf-info-box]
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