3D Results is a reseller and implementation services partner of the IBM Kenexa Talent Management Suite. Additionally, the partnership between SAP and IBM led to the selection of 3D Results to pioneer the cloud-to-cloud integration for SAP SuccessFactors and IBM Kenexa products.

IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks

IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks is a ready-made repository of job profiles consisting of over 2,100 functional and technical competencies associated with over 2,800 job titles across 20 industry verticals. It is a detailed, robust resource available to align and manage the biggest asset in an organization: your people.

With Talent Frameworks, you can introduce competency-driven performance management in months, not years. These job profiles and competencies describe core, functional, and technical competencies and proficiency levels. They’re supported by unique learning activities, SMART development goals, coaching tips, and performance rating and interview questions. Talent Frameworks creates the end to end thread about each job, what success looks like in that job, what the key competencies are, and all the nuances of development, goals, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

When Talent Frameworks is integrated with your talent management system, it accelerates competency modeling, giving managers a “jump start” to ask the right questions of job candidates around essential competencies of the role. It also helps to focus on quality performance and goal conversations and the right learning that will develop the essential competencies in a person’s current and desired future roles.

IBM Kenexa Assessment on Cloud

IBM Kenexa Assessment On Cloud solutions offer a broad range of hundreds of behavioral and skills assessments to address virtually any employee selection or development need, from job fit to traits to skills. From entry-level and hourly employees up to the C-Suite, 3D Results can help you use IBM Kenexa Assessment on Cloud to hire the best candidate, help you develop those you bring into the organization, and provide solutions for growing your existing team.

In partnership with IBM Kenexa, we offer off the shelf assessments to address common issues in a variety of industries. Behavioral assessments are organized by multiple categories, including job fit, leadership, personality and performance assessments. We can also build on our expertise and content to create a full or semi-customized assessment tailored to your organization.

IBM Kenexa LCMS Premier

IBM Kenexa LCMS Premier is a widely deployed and successful Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Many organizations use IBM Kenexa LCMS to develop, manage, maintain and deliver modular and personalized training for their employees. LCMS Premier offers one of the industry’s most robust and adaptable LCMS solutions. From development to streamlined maintenance, management, and delivery, LCMS Premier automates the entire content lifecycle to help organizations achieve their key business goals.

The LCMS focuses on the development and deployment of learning and other content types, and the dynamic delivery of that content served through the LCMS (acting as a content server) to an LMS. The LCMS is an integrated set of technologies that automates all aspects of learning content development and delivery, including authoring, stakeholder review, content versioning controls, management, testing, assembly, and simulations – making it easy to update content dynamically across multiple learning modalities of content.

IBM Kenexa Talent Insights

IBM Kenexa Talent Insights enables human resource (HR) professionals to make strategic, fact-based decisions based on talent analytics to improve business outcomes. Powered by IBM Watson™ Analytics, Talent Insights enables HR organizations to explore virtually any workforce data by simply typing in questions to help understand and predict the impact of talent decisions. IBM Kenexa Talent Insights delivers results through visualizations that are easy to interpret and can be shared throughout the organization to align resources.

IBM Kenexa Talent Insights provides HR with the tools to explore, predict and share results:

  • Get answers to talent questions faster, providing HR with a new approach to address challenging workforce questions, using talent analytics on any workforce data.
  • Make more fact-based talent decisions, allowing for easier and more accessible analyses across the HR organization based on cloud delivery with built-in cognitive capabilities that understand the HR language.
  • Discover new relevant paths to explore for better decision making, using patterns and relationships in the data that surface automatically as visualizations with the option to explore alternative relevant paths.