Service Director

Dan Gradows has over 15 years of experience as a results-driven data scientist and learning development leader across multiple industries.

As a Service Director with 3D Results, Dan leads the Data Science team. He guides clients through our Process on PurposeĀ® methodology in order to streamline business processes, optimize configurations, and ensure end user acceptance.

Prior to 3D Results, Dan served as a Systems Operations and Analytics Manager at Alpha Vanta Corp, where he was the team leader for LMS implementations and day-to-day operations. He led an enterprise-wide support team responsible for assisting 35,000 end users worldwide with talent, succession, goals, performance, and learning. Dan also provided strategic leadership, designed enterprise-wide system processes, and developed analytics. He helped organizations achieve their learning objectives by creating eLearning content focused on the most effective delivery method for the desired outcome. This included the implementation of the SAP SuccessFactors Learning and Performance & Goals modules for 12,000 employees.