Service Director

John Garten has been committed to customer success, merging technology, process, training, and creative problem solving for the last 20 years. John began working with SuccessFactors as a Customer Success Advocate in 2005, and has since become a master of all Talent Management solutions and implementation. As a Service Director at 3D Results, John focuses on the training, guidance, and management of consultants implementing the Talent Management suite. John dedicates his time to educating and developing both consultant teams and clients about the technical and functional the capabilities that can be achieved through the transition to SuccessFactors.

Prior to working with SuccessFactors and 3D Results as a Customer Success Advocate and Implementation Consultant, John spent five years as a Senior Analyst and Trainer with Mega International. At Mega International, through both on-site and remote consulting and project management, John supported client projects involving modeling, system development, process improvement, and quality certification. He also contributed extensively to scoping projects and team development. John’s early career included acting as a Project Manager for disaster recovery and business resumption plans with John Hancock Financial Services and as a Help Desk Coordinator with Bentley College.