Service Director

Lori Marra is an HR systems professional focused on project management, process improvement, and software implementations. Her 15 years of experience combine over a decade in various functional HR roles with four years of implementing SuccessFactors. Her consultative approach leads customers to a sustainable configuration that sets them up for success.

As Service Director at 3D Results, Lori oversees all aspects of the Employee Central practice area, while also specializing in implementation strategy, integrations, and configurations. She guides clients through our Process on Purpose® methodology in order to streamline business processes, optimize configuration and ensure end user acceptance.

Prior to 3D Results, Lori was a Senior Consultant at Surrex Project Solutions where she was the Project Manager and Professional Service Consultant for the SAP SuccessFactors suite. Lori was responsible for guiding customers through configuration and third-party integration decisions, as well as facilitating discovery sessions to recommend HR structure business decisions and ensure the most efficient system use. Prior to that, Lori served as HR Systems Consultant for Arizona Public Services, where she won the SuccessFactors “Most Valuable Community Member” award. Lori began implementing Employee Central 2.0 in its earliest stages and is one of two consultants that has ever upgraded customers from Employee Central 1.0 to 2.0. It has been exciting for her to see the growth of the product and valuable to understand some of the early development decisions made by SuccessFactors. One of her notable projects includes having involvement in the implementation of Time Off (Vacation, PTO, etc.) for the San Francisco 49ers.