Talent management teams are under tremendous pressure to prove their value by creating a more productive, results-oriented workforce, while also increasing efficiency. Using a holistic approach, the strategic services consultants at 3D Results help you identify the talent management initiatives, metrics, and processes your organization needs to drive business results.


3D Results understands that a successful implementation of SAP SuccessFactors depends on enabling users to learn and perform the system activities they need to effectively do their jobs. 3D Results offers several SuccessFactors end user training services ranging from editable training templates, to custom content development, to a digital adoption platform that provides interactive step by step guidance directly in the SuccessFactors application.

Change Management

HR departments are often at the forefront of initiating change in an organization. It’s only logical, then, that HR managers lead the way in highlighting change management as a critical factor for the success of a talent management implementation project. 3D Results understands the underlying principles of change, and will help you develop a comprehensive change management framework for your project.


Your competency model should clearly support your organization’s strategic direction, competitive advantage, and culture. A strong competency model enables you to improve talent planning and decision-making. A well-thought-out SAP SuccessFactors implementation requires proactive consideration of the role competencies will play in your organization’s talent cycle and business processes.

Talent Strategy

Too often, organizations make investments in talent management initiatives without taking the time to consider how they fit with the organization’s overall talent management strategy. 3D Results helps you with all aspects of articulating your organization’s talent management strategy so that it aligns with top level goals and bottom line results.

Our HCM Strategic Consulting Leadership Team

Kay Polenz

Service Director