Implementing a new human capital management solution like SAP SuccessFactors can affect your organization in many ways. At 3D Results, we believe managing change from the beginning of an implementation is critical. We’ve formulated a change management approach that guides you every step of the way to increase the probability of a successful outcome for your SAP SuccessFactors implementation.

What’s Possible with Change Management?

A thorough analysis of the current and future state helps to identify the extent of the changes your organization will experience during and after an HCM implementation. This is why a holistic approach to change management is needed.

We offer a comprehensive Change Management Toolkit which includes a combination of self-service templates and a spectrum of consulting services. You will have the option to access the following based on your organization’s needs:

SAP SuccessFactors-specific templates – The assets include instructional tips and guidance for completing a variety of activities to address the key elements important to successful change.

Access to an online portal – Your change management content is available through an SAP Jam Change Management Group. All levels of the toolkit include up to 10 group members for one year.

Basic Support – Regardless of which level of change management toolkit you select, you’ll receive a baseline level of support.

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