3D Results provides competency services tailored to your organization. Successful talent management processes use competencies as a link to drive alignment throughout the company. Competencies measure the “how” of performance. Composed of a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, personality characteristics, and style, competencies are typically expressed in terms of the behaviors people display on the job.

What’s possible with Competency Services?

3D Results’ doctoral-level experts have the knowledge and experience to help you through the process of developing standards and behaviors by which your talent is measured that are aligned to business strategy. Our team brings a unique perspective and modeling expertise to your competency needs. We take the time to understand your business process and configuration requirements, and can help you:

  • Create plans and configuration decisions that will support and leverage the use of competencies across SAP SuccessFactors modules
  • Proactively address configuration issues that transcend multi-phase, multi-module implementations, based on your desired use of competency management in your HCM processes
  • Use competencies more effectively to make better talent decisions
  • Develop competencies that account for capabilities employees will need in the future.