By transitioning to SAP SuccessFactors, you have invested in a future for your human capital management and talent management systems that is more ambitious than just technology. As your SAP SuccessFactors consulting services and implementation partner, 3D Results guides you through the cultural shifts that the software enables, such as:

  • Improving employee engagement and alignment
  • Ensuring greater transparency and clarity for both employees and decision-makers
  • Moving beyond big data and embrace smart data as a tool for competitive advantage
  • Providing executive leadership metrics that prove your people have become the organization’s greatest asset

White Paper

Read “Getting the Most out of Your SAP SuccessFactors Investment:  Planning for Success”
SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Methodology

Design and Deployment

We have crafted a design methodology that we call Process on Purpose®, or PoP. It is your map to ensuring alignment, identifying process challenges and opportunities for growth, and streamlining your implementation. Our methodology guides you to the best decisions for your organization to maximize your SAP SuccessFactors investment and time to value as rapidly as possible. We provide a range of implementation options to meet your goals, time frames, and budgets.

SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Services

Full Suite Implementation

3D Results has extensive experience guiding organizations through implementation of multiple SAP SuccessFactors modules. We help you determine phases and appropriate resources depending on your business requirements. We implement the entire SAP SuccessFactors product suite, and understand the implications of large-scale, multi-module projects. Leveraging our Process on Purpose® methodology, we provide a range of implementation options to meet your goals, timeframes, and budgets.

Digital Adoption

3D Results’ digital adoption platform provides in-app interactive training and support capabilities to accelerate onboarding, increase training effectiveness, and add self-service support directly in the SuccessFactors application. The interactive guides can be permissioned based on role and can be translated according to the user’s SuccessFactors localized language. 3D Results has developed a library of interactive guides for the entire SuccessFactors suite and provides ongoing services to create and maintain custom content based your requirements.

SAP SuccessFactors Optimization


We excel at helping clients to navigate the evolving workplace by optimizing technology tools to meet new challenges. With our guidance, you can determine which tools and processes are already successful and which might need to be updated. Our knowledge of the product, and expertise in SAP SuccessFactors consulting services help you make the most of it.

SAP SuccessFactors Consulting Services

Advisory Services

3D Results is often called up to provide a more holistic viewpoint, assist with options around requirements, architect global solutions, and evaluate alternatives. With a big picture understanding of your processes and technology, we ensure you’re aware of the short- and long-term impacts of your decisions.

SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Project Management

Project Management

Our experienced project managers will keep your project on track and keep your team informed of important tasks and milestones. But more than that, our project managers can anticipate potential problems and roadblocks and prevent them from affecting the schedule. We use a proprietary set of project management tools – 3DR Compass – to guide your project every step of the way.