SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics with 3D Results

The SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics module offers you the unique capability to access workforce data and build insightful reporting that links your HR and business strategies. With assistance from 3D Results, you can:

  • Configure WFA to automate data collection and aggregation and free up capacity to prioritize the HR Scorecard into a core set of metrics
  • Get Measurement Pages for quick access to detail when further research is required
  • Get fast time-to-value (14-week implementation) and quickly migrate manually-created deliverables into WFA’s reporting platform
  • Leverage the Composite Query feature in one report and automate a complicated monthly task, which can free up nearly 8 hours and ensure accuracy each month
  • Leverage Headlines which allow for broad communication of key metrics in common language with built-in alert levels providing monthly updates