At the heart of any enterprise software implementation is the design and deployment of the business processes that go hand-in-hand with the system configurations. Leveraging our team’s extensive experience regarding what configuration works and what doesn’t, we developed an SAP SuccessFactors implementation methodology called Process on Purpose® (PoP). PoP incorporates all of the lessons we have learned around the application’s capabilities, common challenges, and the most critical client desires. Within that guiding framework, we provide a range of implementation options that meet our clients’ goals, timeframes, and budgets.

Process on Purpose Enterprise

Our Process on Purpose Enterprise implementation service provides a holistic, end-to-end approach to streamline and maximize the potential of your SAP SuccessFactors design, configuration, and deployment. The PoP Enterprise approach is what we are known for – an in-depth implementation engagement that offers the widest range of discovery, stakeholder alignment, process design iterations, and consultative guidance.

During a PoP Enterprise engagement, we take the time to fully understand your organization’s talent strategy, identify the gaps between current state and future state, and recommend process design and configurations aligned to that strategy. The result is a fully configured system to meet your unique requirements.

Process on Purpose Go

Our Process on Purpose Go implementation service is our streamlined approach that accelerates the design, configuration, and deployment of SAP SuccessFactors by utilizing 3D Results’ kickoff configuration of best practice processes, saving  both time and money.

PoP Go begins with a fully built instance of SAP SuccessFactors optimized with best practice configurations. Using this as a starting point, the hardest part of the implementation – the process design is already done, so you can focus on fine-tuning key design elements. This approach accelerates the implementation timeline, while reducing the project budget.

Clients benefit from our consultants’ practitioner perspective, collaborative style, focused design decisions, and implementation accelerators like end user training templates and change management tools.

PoP Go is the best choice if you desire simple, efficient HR processes and want to jump start your implementation by leveraging our years of experience and leading-edge process designs.

SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Methodology

The PoP Difference

While many implementers can configure a system, few have the combined expertise and know-how to guide you through defining your processes and aligning your technology to those processes. Our combination of human capital science, business process, and technology expertise has informed our point of view about what works and what doesn’t.

3D Results’ client implementations are successful because we listen, seek to understand your problems and challenges, and find solutions that will work for you.