With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, organizations can automate and streamline the recruiting process, apply recruiting marketing best practices to attract talent, and speed new hires to productivity with onboarding features. This comprehensive set of modules enables organizations to respond quickly to staffing needs, leverage sourcing efforts, manage large volumes of data, and meet internal and external reporting requirements. An automated recruiting function can minimize the time spent on administrative activities and allow human resources and recruiting professionals to focus on what is most important – attracting, evaluating, and hiring the best talent for the organization.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

Most organizations have recognized the need for an automated applicant tracking system, such as the one offered in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, to streamline the recruiting process, ensure compliance, and minimize paperwork. But recruiting goes beyond efficiency gains – it affects every area of the organization when it comes to improving overall quality of hire. SAP SuccessFactors offers a best-in-class recruiting platform and 3D Results helps you to apply system capabilities to strategic organizational goals around talent acquisition.

Recruiting Marketing & Career Site Builder

3D Results understands the vital importance of promoting your organization as a talent destination. We help you maximize your career site and build your brand using the capabilities of the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing module in conjunction with career site builder. Our recruiting marketing specialists combine talent strategy with the latest thinking in social media, search engine optimization, ADA Compliance, brand identity, and reporting through Advanced Analytics to make your career site stand out. We were the first SAP SuccessFactors partner to implement career site builder for a client and the first to have our own career site converted to career site builder.


A critical component of talent acquisition is onboarding – the process of getting new hires up to speed and productive quickly. The SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding module offers several solutions to relieve hiring managers of transactional work, permitting them more time to engage their new hires immediately. 3D Results was one of the first implementation partners to embrace and implement the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding module, and has since become an innovator with new employee portals.

Our Recruiting Services Leadership Team

Lindsay Jauss

Service Director