What’s possible with SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding & New Employee Portal?

Onboarding is the process that takes place after the candidate is hired, and is designed to acclimate that person to the organization. It can take place any time after the employee has accepted their offer and continue for as long as needed, but usually not much longer than a few months.

What happens during onboarding? Most organizations have specific onboarding activities, like the need to collect data from new employees for administration, compliance, tax purposes, payroll, etc. Some basic information may already be available in the recruiting system, but it must be transferred to the organization’s HR system of record and stored for the long term.

An onboarding system can automate and streamline that data collection and transfer process by eliminating the need for paper forms and allowing employees to complete their electronic “paperwork” before their start date. This onboarding experience allows new hires to walk in the door on their first day without mounds of paper forms to fill out – instead, they’re ready to meet their colleagues, start training, and get to work.

3D Results assists clients with implementing the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding module, and configuring it to support their onboarding processes. By reducing administrative work and manual data entry, the onboarding system increases the efficiency of the HR team and the accuracy of system information. It has the added benefit of reducing the time to productivity of the new employee as well.

Our experienced team helps clients set up the workflows, forms, and data transfers needed to support the seamless onboarding of hundreds or thousands of employees across organizations of all types in any industry.

New Employee Portal

One element of the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding module that is often overlooked is the New Employee Portal. This capability has significant potential to contribute to a positive new hire experience, and 3D Results has helped our clients achieve exciting outcomes with this tool.

Beyond just filling out forms, a new hire goes through a period of orientation and acclimation to any organization. With a new employee portal, some of that activity and learning can take place before the employee sets foot onsite. As a single location for valuable information, the new employee portal can help the employee feel welcome and start experiencing company culture.

What kind of information can be stored in the new employee portal? The answer is anything that a person new to the organization would find helpful – and, it may depend on the person’s role, location, or even their language. What will make your new employees feel engaged and positive about their employment decision? 3D Results works with clients to structure a new employee portal that tailors that experience in a meaningful way.

For example, in a retail enterprise, store personnel could get different onboarding resources and information than corporate staff. Organizations in multiple countries can present new hire information in different languages. A sales person might have different questions than an engineer. There are no wrong answers, only the best presentation of what a new employee will find valuable.

3D Results takes the time to understand the varying needs of new employees, and we assist, guide, implement and train our clients to use the new employee portal to most effectively meet those needs.