The strategic use of SAP SuccessFactors Career and Development planning is integral to your talent management program. Aligning individual growth with your business strategy ensures you have the right people at the right time with the skills your company needs. Tools including a career worksheet, career ladders, competency assessments, development goals, and learning activities along with coaching ideas are all part of the platform to empower your leadership to help grow your talent pipeline.

SAP SuccessFactors Career Development

SAP SuccessFactors Career and Development Planning with 3D Results

The methodology we use at 3D Results ensures your development process is embedded in your overall talent strategy and annual cycle. A successful implementation is more than just configuring fields and forms, it ensures the system:

  • Becomes part of your culture
  • Is easy to use
  • Effectively improves the development process
  • Provides concrete steps and processes that support learning

As part of the natural process following succession planning, career development is a proactive step in ensuring the future success of your company. 3D Results understands this and partners with you to create a productive and strong development strategy.

We offer two career and development planning implementation services based on our Process on Purpose® (PoP) methodology: PoP Enterprise and PoP Go. PoP Enterprise is our in-depth implementation approach that offers the widest range of strategic discovery, stakeholder alignment, process design iterations, and consultative guidance. The result is a fully configured solution to meet your unique requirements.

PoP Go is our streamlined approach that leverages our years of career development planning experience by starting you with a fully configured solution to fine-tune. This approach accelerates the implementation timeline, while reducing the project budget.

We’ve helped countless organizations bring their career development planning process to the next level with SAP SuccessFactors Career and Development Planning module. Let us do the same for you.