The successful implementation of your compensation management tool requires the right partner. Your employees represent one of the biggest investments you make, and your compensation strategy is a critical component. An implementation with this much on the line requires a team with experience, insight, and creativity. Selecting the right partner to assist with your implementation is critical to your success.

Whether the project is a domestic or global implementation, 3D Results has deep expertise leading a project through to completion.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

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Using the SAP SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay module, we streamline an organization’s compensation process by minimizing manual administration, adding more effective reporting, and increasing leaders’ access to audits and approvals. These process adjustments give planners more time to make informed pay-for-performance decisions; they help HR to manage the comp process and facilitate a stronger partnership between HR and business leaders.

Ultimately, we align the system with corporate strategy while saving your organization significant time and money using our Process on Purpose® (PoP) implementation methodology. PoP Enterprise is our in-depth implementation approach that offers the widest range of strategic discovery, stakeholder alignment, process design iterations, and consultative guidance. The result is a fully configured compensation solution to meet your unique requirements.

PoP Go is our streamlined approach that leverages our years of compensation experience by starting you with a fully configured solution to fine-tune. This approach accelerates the implementation timeline, while reducing the project budget.

We’ve helped countless organizations bring their compensation process to the next level with SAP SuccessFactors Comp & Variable Pay modules. Let us do the same for you.


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Custom Compensation Statements

Beyond their base pay, many employees receive additional compensation in the form of incentives such as merit pay adjustments, promotion raises, stock options, and one-time payouts, among others. One way an employer can show employees the value of their hard work is to present a total compensation statement.

Why settle for a statement that doesn’t reflect your organization’s investment in your employees? 3D Results can design a statement that reinforces your culture and supports your compensation philosophy. Custom compensation statements display a broad range of information, along with the personalization and branding that today’s employers want.

Our consultants work with your compensation experts to design, brand, and develop custom compensation statements that enhance the standard statements delivered by SAP SuccessFactors. 3D Results collaborates with you to design and develop a custom compensation statement for your organization that accurately presents employees’ total compensation in a way that supports organizational culture, builds engagement, and addresses business needs.