The most important part of any project isn’t getting the software implemented, it is making sure it is adopted so your organization can reap the benefits of your investment. But with multiple applications providing different user experiences, employees can quickly get lost and find it difficult to complete seemingly simple tasks.  Wouldn’t it be better to shift your resources from creating and updating “how to” training materials and focus instead on the strategy and benefits behind the changes allowing employees to focus on the task at hand. 3DR Digital Adoption Platform, powered by Whatfix, provides an in-app interactive training and support experience to accelerate onboarding, increase training effectiveness, and add self-service support for any web-based application.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Prebuilt 3DR Library of SAP SuccessFactors interactive guides that can be fine tuned to match your unique configuration
  • Automatic permission & segmentation based on a users’ permission in the application
  • Contextual support to users based on their location within SuccessFactors
  • Multi-format conversion automatically converts your guides into PDF, video, eLearning, a help desk article or slideshow
  • Multi-language support for over 50 languages
  • Analytics to gain insights on user behavior and training effectiveness
  • Reduce training development and ongoing support cost.
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