Too often, organizations make investments in talent management initiatives without taking the time to consider how they fit with the organization’s overall talent management strategy. 3D Results helps you with all aspects of articulating your organization’s talent management strategy so that it aligns with top level goals and bottom line results. Coherent, systematic talent strategies are enablers of business results. But, an effective talent strategy can’t be put together by HR alone – there needs to be a more formal, systematic way of identifying opportunities, setting priorities, and measuring outcomes. 3D Results brings top-level organizational and industrial psychologists to your strategic talent initiatives. Our talent strategy team assists organizations to think through their talent management strategy and ensure it aligns with their mission, vision, values, culture, and business objectives.

How we help:

  • Understand the assumptions that underlie your current processes, utilizing a “strategy mapping” approach
  • Defining a vision for talent management
  • Articulating the organization’s philosophy about talent
  • Understand the organizational culture and identifying potential gaps or disconnects that could impede achievement of the vision
  • Create or refining the talent management strategy needed to support the business direction
  • Identify disconnects between current talent management processes and the future direction of the business
  • Create a strategic roadmap for achieving that future state
  • Create a blueprint to guide and enable configuration decisions
  • Identify the metrics to use to measure success
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